What our clients are saying



“MJ reality made it seem like I had my own personal assistant. They knew everything that needed to be done and were on top of all the paperwork sending me files I could sign from my phone. It felt like I had my own mini police force there for my every need. The work was top notch and were able to crack the case and get me a house. I recommend the services of MJ reality, if your looking for a house they are they ones who can crack the case and have you moved in quickly.”


“John was amazing! We just closed on our first house this week and John made the entire process super easy. His patience and expertise guided us through and we were confident in him the entire time. He was always quick to respond and answer any of the thousand questions we threw his way, and worked hard to address any issues that arose along the way. He kept us on track and covered all the bases even if we didn’t know they were there to be covered. We never talked to Madison in this process but I am sure she is just as awesome! I highly recommend working with these fine folks for your Realtor needs!”


John and MJ Realty were with me every step of the way from getting my house ready for market, setting a perfect price point, listing, and closing ALL WITHIN 30 DAYS! Day or night John was available to take my call and handled anything and everything. Definitely a true professional that I would highly recommend to anyone buying or selling a home.  Save yourself a lot of wasted time and headaches by calling MJ Realty.

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